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Please read the following terms and condition carefully before using this site. This web site managed and maintained by marga aka ASIMO aka VianCom aka kphmph who lives in Indonesia. Use this website only if you agree to the following terms.

The contents on this web site are developed to inform the readers, unless otherwise specified, with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Netscape, Safari or any of their newer versions.

Also, please note that some specific plug-in software may be required for some contents. We make reasonable efforts in the development, display and movement of contents. If you find malfunction, please contact us personally by E-mail or Write a comment.

kphmph makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information on this site is correct.
However, we make no representation and warranty the information’s accuracy, timeliness, validity and safety.

kphmph shall not be liable for any less and more damage caused by your use of this site, or by inability of your use of this site.

kphmph reserves the right to change or delete any of the posted information without any prior notice. Also, kphmph may suspend or discontinue the services of this site at its sale discretion. kphmph shall not be liable for any damage caused by information changes or deletions, or web site suspension or discontinuation.

This site commonly use Bahasa Indonesia for its content. If you in outside Indonesia, you can use translator like Google translate or other translator machines.

Contents of this site are about speed and automotive such as common vehicles and special vehicles. All of contents in this site is individual and may copied from other sites. kphmph shall not be liable for any copyright from the source.


Intellectual property rights

The copyright and database rights and other intellectual property rights in all or through this website by other ministries information (including all texts, graphics and logos) and to the image, design, domain names and the software of this website belongs to and is reserved by the State of the Indonesia, in this case Ministry Of Communication And Information Technology, case may be on other ministry.

On or via this website information may be print and / or download, if and to the extent that the information provided through this website Information from the owner or another.

Reuse under the owner of parts on or via this website may be subject to information (licensing) conditions.

This may mean that some content not print or downloadable, and that the first (licensing) conditions should be accepted, where this is the case, this is indicated.


This website uses so-called functional cookies, small text files of information that are stored temporarily on your computer. By using cookies on this website, session settings are remembered and functionality made possible (including application forms). In no case is this information collected and whether for commercial purposes.

Obviously, the information on this website with the utmost care and presented. It is however possible that the information offered on or via this website obsolete parts, not complete and / or (partially) incorrect. The information offered on or via this website regularly with immediate effect and without prior notice, change in content and presentation.

It is therefore advisable to check periodically whether on or via this website any information provided, including the text of this page has changed. The information offered on or via this website in part of information exist that kphmph own task performance used and therefore less suitable for other purposes.


By visiting this website and / or on or through this website to use, you agree to be bound by the following terms. kphmph accepts no liability for any direct and / or indirect, punitive, or consequential damages (including without limitation loss of profits, business interruption, loss of reputation and missed assignments) arising in any way resulting from, but not limited to are:

defects, viruses or other malfunctions caused to any equipment and other software in connection with access to or use of this website, use of the information provided on or via this website is offered, the functioning or non-availability of this website, abuse of this website, loss of data, downloading or using software provided via this website is made available, or claims of third parties in connection with use of this website, all this except insofar as the damage results from willful misconduct or gross negligence of writing or its managers.

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